A blog that will simply keep track of my strength/fitness and health/wellness goals and my lifting regime for any given day, occasional body measurement updates, some advice or personal opinions and experiences regarding certain aspects of strength/fitness/health/nutrition, and maybe some inspiring or motivational pictures, videos, and quotes. I suppose I'm doing this more for myself than anything else, so I can keep my routines organized and see what works best for me, through being able to look back at everything I've done and the success and progress that I've had. But, I'm also looking to help or inspire others as well, who are also looking to improve their body or strength levels and overall physical fitness or athletic abilities. For me, it's not about starting and finishing, its about starting and continuing - since "finishing" suggests that you will bring it to a stop. I don't plan on stopping. I plan on improving even more, day in and day out.


Dear Summer, Where For Art Thou?

I want to play basketball,

without having to wear a long-sleeve under my t-shirt,

a tank underneath,

AND a hoody atop them all.

Thank you.

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